Decision fatigue

Nate Daines
2 min readFeb 8, 2023

For some time I’ve had an ambition to work on a side project that could be an alternate income and enable me to work on something that I am passionate about but I’ve never been able to lift my idea off the ground.

Given the current economic climate, the news that we’re headed for a recession and watching the company I work for and others in the media having mass redundancies it’s re-ignited my desire to work on a side project.

Having a side project is no “silver bullet” but with the cards played right may offer better financial stability and at worst make me more employable in the future.

Whenever I go to put pen to paper and write code; I get caught in this never ending spiral of “what language should I choose”, “what should my tech stack be” and “have I made the right choice”.

This then got me thinking, “what language, technology and stack will bring me the most joy” and with this I went from this decision fatigue of multiple starts to having a confidence with my choices.

My encouragement if you find yourself in this spiral of decision making is that you don’t need to pick the most performant or popular thing; instead to find what will be the most enjoyable and familiar for you.

A side project will be a hard slog at times, and having things that you enjoy working with or that are familiar will make it easier to be committed during the hard times.

I’m going to start writing about my side project, if you want to join me on this journey then please subscribe.



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